PCDC was proud to bring you the CHINATOWN NIGHT MARKET Yè Shì, the city’s premiere food festival, on Thursday, October 13, 2016. Yè Shì is a street food festival spotlighting Philly’s best ethnic and regional restaurants and food trucks. Inspired by Asia’s lively outdoor markets, our event celebrates Chinatown’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Since 2011 PCDC has hosted Night Market events. In 2016, Yè Shì alone attracted well over 20,000 attendees and over 50 food vendors to the Chinatown community. By showcasing emerging commercial corridors and local businesses, thus far the Night Market has generated approximately $11.4 million in economic impact, supporting 123 jobs and generating $134,000 in city tax revenues, according to a report by Econsult Solutions Inc. *

The super-popular festival highlights the city’s amazing dining scene by inviting more than 50 food trucks and a number of neighborhood restaurants to serve up food and drinks alfresco for crowds.”


“Night Market Chinatown ended up being kind of amazing and my favorite ‘market at night’ to date.”


“Shoppers can expect a lot more than a market – this festival offers an intimate Philly experience and celebrates a diverse collection of cuisine.”


“The Night Markets have brought food trucks to neighborhoods across Philadelphia- showcasing the city’s entrepreneurs and stimulating economic activity in local communities.”


If you would like to join as a Sponsor please contact Lamei Zhang at lzhang@chinatown-pcdc.org or 215 922-2156.